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American Institute of Safety Professionals is now accepting accreditation enquiries

We are pleased to announce that American Institute of Safety Professionals is now accepting accreditation enquiries. If you are interested in becoming accredited to deliver AISP qualifications, we have established certain criteria that must be met:

Qualified and Experienced Tutorial Staff: It is essential to have a highly competent team of tutorial staff in place. At the minimum, you must have a Lead Tutor who holds the ASP/OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer certification or an equivalent qualification for each qualification you intend to deliver.

Compliance with AISP Learning Excellence Principles: It is important to demonstrate that your organization meets the requirements of Learning Excellence Principles. These principles reflect our commitment to providing exceptional educational experiences and outcomes.

Application Fee: To initiate the accreditation process, a non-refundable application fee of $350 must be submitted. This fee covers the initial review of your application. If your application is deemed sufficient to proceed, an additional fee of $250 will be required to cover the cost of a thorough validation process. The registration fee for a single trainer is encompassed within this cost.

Minimum Registrations: As an accredited Learning Partner, it is expected that you can deliver a minimum of 50 registrations in your first year. AISP reserves the right to terminate the accreditation of any Learning Partner that fails to meet this requirement.

Course Materials Development: It is your responsibility to develop or acquire suitable course materials for each qualification you intend to deliver. These materials must be reviewed and approved by AISP to ensure alignment with our standards and guidelines.

We understand that accreditation is a significant undertaking, but it also offers numerous benefits. By becoming an accredited Learning Partner, you gain access to a reputable network, enhance your organization's credibility, and contribute to the advancement of professional education. If you meet the criteria mentioned above and are committed to delivering high-quality educational experiences, we encourage you to submit an accreditation enquiry. Take the first step towards becoming an esteemed AISP Learning Partner today.

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